A romantic hideaway for …one

A romantic hideaway for …one

Jules couldn’t believe her eyes when the luxury cottage of Cayo Espanto appeared on the horizon. It was even more amazing than on the photos she kept in a folder on her phone and looked at several times. It was her long-standing dream to rent a private island in the Caribbean and now it comes true!

It was their 30th anniversary with her husband, Albert, and the marriage counsellor they regularly saw recommended them to add some extra spice to their relationship. He told them that couples experience the excitement of meeting for the first time if they organise a holiday where they arrive separately and seduce each other like on a first date.

Albert found the idea really awkward but since he paid the counsellor he thought he should follow what he says. Jules was a bit unsure on how this will work out, especially as she has never travelled by herself in the past 30 years.

Sitting in the boat now, approaching this wonderful dream-cottage, she was a bit relieved that the trip went well. She even had to admit to herself that it was better than travelling with Albert: she didn’t miss the ongoing worries, problems, complaints he always had.

Stepping on the island was like exploring a different world. She was met by the handsome concierge who showed her to their cottage. A romantic hideaway, nobody could have a glimpse of what might go on in the huge, cosy bed.

Surrounded by an open veranda on three sides with direct access to the pool and a sumptuous view of the ocean, it was the most beautiful room she has ever seen. “If this won’t give an extra spice to our marriage, nothing will.” – she thought.

Looking at the time, Albert had two more hours to arrive, and meanwhile, Jules booked a private massage in their cottage. Feeling refreshed and relaxed after the fantastic treatment, she checked the time again and stated that Albert should already be there. An other hour later, she started to make some phone calls and found out that Albert is stuck at an airport on the other side of the planet. He took the wrong flight by mistake and now has to wait 4 days to come back as they don’t have an earlier flight. He said he has to spend these days at an airport hotel and was absolutely furious at the crazy counsellor and his ideas.

Jules was surprised to realise that the delay of her husband doesn’t make her unhappy. On the contrary, she was cheerful to have four beautiful days for herself at such a wonderful place. She had the best sleep for years: Albert was not there to complain about the light breeze coming from the ocean, the disturbing sounds of the waves, and the million other factors he normally complains about.

What happened in the next few days was the best period in the life of Jules. She could sleep as long as she wanted, and instead of serving his husband all day, she was offered everything she could have dreamt of. She even tried snorkelling – Albert would have found it ridiculous – and not only discovered a different part of the world but a different part of herself.

Albert had to stay another 3 days on the other side of the planet for the poor weather conditions, and then it would have made no sense to travel to Beliz, as it was time for Jules to come back.

Jules filed for a divorce after her arrival home, and from then on spent a week every year in Cayo Espanto, a romantic hideaway for one.

Photo credit: Cayo Espanto, travel fiction by Timea Kadar

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