Ruby Wedding anniversary in X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort

Ruby Wedding anniversary in X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort

Thailand was an obvious choice for Chloé and David to celebrate their ruby anniversary. They had their intimate wedding in the country 40 years before and every since then they return here, always to a different hotel.

This time they chose the intimate and minimalist X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort at the heart of Phang Nga Province, directly on the white sandy beaches of the Andaman Sea. “Khao Lak” means “Lak Mountain” which is one of the main peaks in this small mountainous region.

The couple rented all the nine luxurious rooms to be just themselves. They enjoy that each spacious room has a breathtaking view of the pool and Lam Kaem beach surrounded by tropical trees.  They are an internationally known social media couple who tour the world to hold motivation speeches about how to draw the line between private and public life on social media.

So it is a real retreat for them to enjoy some quiet days together in this calm neighbourhood where no large-scale hotels are allowed to be built, so the atmosphere is intimate and authentic.

On the day of their anniversary, they are as excited as 40 years before. David, as always, has several surprises, he is busy with preparing them.

Chloé chose a long plain white cotton dress with long sleeves for the evening. As she walks out to the terrace, David holds his breath with amazement. It is incredible how his wife still looks like a young woman. She doesn’t need any decoration on the dress, the most beautiful embroidery is her smile.

But he has a surprise so he employs a disappointed grin on his face. “I thought you would come up with something more up to the occasion.” – he hands over the wedding dress Chloé wore 40 years before. The woman is speechless and touches the dress with tears in her eyes. “Ain’t I too old for this?”

“According to my rough estimations, a live video of these moments would attract ten million viewers and a post of it would guarantee 3 million likes.” – jumps in SuperSiri. “Shut up, Siri, this all stays private, see you at the dinner.”

They both look so young and as happy as before. “It was a big thing to promise to be always together 40 years ago.” – says David. “But it is even a much bigger thing to say the very same promise now.”

They have a reception dinner by the pool, where – as a next surprise – David arranged a 15-minute teleport slot for all their children, grandchildren and their spouses so that they can drink a glass of champagne together. “I am so happy to see them all!” – says Chloé.

“55 of us, Siri take a photo.” – says David. “56 to be precise” – whispers SuperSiri. – “Lilian is expecting a baby, they are to reveal it only later.” David almost hits the roof with joy hearing the news. “I am going to be great-grandpa.” – he whispers to himself not wanting to ruin the secret.

“According to my rough estimates a post revealing this secret…” – starts Siri. “Don’t even think of it, you gossipy bitch!” – David stops her.

The small elegant resort is suddenly filled with laughter, kisses, hugs and love. “Cheers!” “Siri, post this photo tomorrow at 10 am CET time!”

“Yes, sir. What is the caption?”

“A big kiss to those who said we split in a few months. And a million kisses to all the others.”

Photo credit: X2 Khao Lak Anda Mani Resort, story written by Timea Kadar


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