Village in the sky – Civita di Bagnoregio

Village in the sky – Civita di Bagnoregio

Mimi is on a press trip in Rome, she prepares a reportage about the less known faces of the eternal city. She meets Enrico, who creates progressive wine lists for chic restaurants, Susanna, a dedicated florist, who designs the floral decoration for two leading hotel chains, and Giuseppe, the youngest of a baker’s dynasty, who supply a number of bakeries with fresh panini every morning.

After she is finished – loaded with some of the best bottles of wine and panettoni as a gift – she aims at a secret hideaway she has long dreamt of. Just an hour drive from the bustling capital of Rome emerges this heavenly little village, Civita di Bagnoregio, perched on the top of a mountain overlooking the Tiber river. Hard to believe that this majestic town is dubbed ‘il paese che muore’ (the dying town). It is endangered by the erosion, so protection measures are under way.

During the winter it has only a handful of inhabitants, during the summer around a hundred, it is fortunately still undiscovered. The village is like a trip back in time, and a huge contrast to Rome. Mimi is enchanted by the village and decides to spend a few nights here, she is sure she can easily sell a feature about this to any of the leading travel magazines she works with. The bishop’s earlier palace was converted into a lovely guesthouse, so she chooses to stay here.

Corte della Maesta is run by a couple: “We are so happy you are here” – starts the lady as Mimi enters. – “But I have to excuse us, as there is quite a mess in our usually quiet place. There should be a photo shooting for an Italian lifestyle magazine, all the staff is set, but the model hasn’t arrived yet.” As Mimi walks out into the garden, which is like if it was in a fairy tale, she notices the tension among the group of people running up and down with pieces of clothes, camera and other gadgets in their hands.

“Oh, finally, she is here.” – points a man into her direction. – “Hi, come quick, we should start before it gets dark.” – he speaks with Italian accent.

“No, it is a misunderstanding.” – hesitates Mimi, but suddenly a tall woman stops her. “I know you are not Klara who was supposed to do this shooting, she would have been our model and has just called me she is stuck in New York. Gosh, this can not be simple coincidence, I absolutely imagined a girl like you for the piece, would you mind being our hero, or heroine?” – she is Nicole, the Editor in Chief of Primadonna. They planned a vintage piece, and Nicola wanted a girl who is not the typical Italian donna, but a contrast to that. Mimi’s fragile and natural look enchanted the staff, and she was also surprisingly professional as they shot the series.

The guesthouse’s differently styled bedrooms and apartments, the vintage kitchen and dining room were the perfect setting. Mimi was even offered the fee of the model for her help, but she offered it for reserving the Borgo. The experience was a gift in itself.

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Travel fiction written by Timea Kadar.

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