Hiding from the fiance – at Villa Franca

Hiding from the fiance – at Villa Franca

As Judith has her breakfast at the open terrace of prestigious Villa Franca, she can’t help Instagramming the fourth photo of the amazing panorama of Positano. The view is amazing from here. As she pushes the share button, the phone starts to ring. From the nervous gasp, she immediately knows it is Simon, her fiancé.

“Honey, I told you a thousand times not to show off with those insta photos. Most people have such things only on their screensavers. The press is after me. Choose some reasonable place. I gotta go.” – he hangs up. Judith is speechless and needs some privacy, so she walks back to her bright room decorated with majolica tiles.

Simon is an ambitious politician who she will marry in 2 years, this is the earliest when he could fit it into his schedule. He wants to have a “reasonable” venue, which means boring for Judith. This lovely Italian villa would be perfect, it has a history and a soul. It used to be a private residence later converted to an intimate and cosy retreat with a laid back atmosphere. But apparently, it is too much for Simon.

Judith doesn’t go out until dinner, but even then without appetite. She orders a simple salad. The generous view of the Amalfi coast is ahead of her, she grabs her phone but immediately slides it back to her clutch.

– It is a waste to eat a simple salad here. – The tall man from the next table points at the variety of dishes on his table. He is Sim Gilbert, the feared restaurant critic. He enjoys eating alone and very rarely has company but this time he feels sorry for someone wasting the opportunity to taste all this wonder of La Galli restaurant. And probably he feels like sharing it with this beautifully sad woman.

After the full dinner, they take a stroll together to Spiaggia Fornillo, which is less busy as during the day. – It was a great, evening, thank you. – says Sam. – I wonder why is such a beautiful lady is alone on such a romantic spot? – he is as straight as in his critics. – I am NOT alone. – Judith tries a bit harder than it would be natural. – I am busy with the preparations of our wedding with my fiancé, who is a very important person. The wedding reception will be along the rooftop. – she point towards the roof of the villa. – Well, can you show it to me then from the top? – asks Sam.

Enchanting! – says Judith as they both stand at the roof pool and stare at the view. She wishes hard their wedding would be here indeed. But this would definitely drive his fiancé mad.

Enchanting! – says Sam, staring at Judith wishing hard he could be the one to marry her.

Travel fiction written by Timea Kadar, photo credit: villafrancahotel.it

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