Staying incognito in Villa Lattanzi

Staying incognito in Villa Lattanzi

Dubbed as a luxury refugee, Villa Lattanzi is exactly what Laura is looking for now. Her lifestyle guidebook was published a few weeks ago and since then she has been touring Europe with it. It has received amazing reviews from peers, the industry, the media and most of all, from the readers. It won two prizes, nominated for an other, and a film studio offered a contract for a film.

Laura is overwhelmed by all the positive experience and the love she received during the numerous events, dinners, talk shows, and meetings. But as much as she enjoyed every minute of it, she needed a break from the tumultuous programmes, and hide away from the public for a few days.

Nothing could be more purposeful for this than this Villa in the La Marche region in Italy. La Marche is a hideaway place in itself, playing the second (or even the third!) fiddle to Tuscany and Umbria. The region has every extreme: a short sandy coastline and the majesty of the mountains with awesome views of the surrounding and small hidden villages. The Villa has a secluded location in Marina Palmense, just a few kilometres from the seaside town of Porto San Giorgio, and a fantastic view of the sea!

Laura is impressed by the careful and thoughtful restoration the three-storey villa went through and how it came into life again. Architect Aroldo Tofoni made sure that the original style of the 18th-century interior remains almost palpable – cleverly mixing it with natural materials and pastel colours. This results in a very pleasant, laid-back atmosphere that Laura enjoyes a lot.

Tofoni even added an intimate wellness centre in the villa tower, where Laura has a relaxing massage.

She is happy to be just another guest and that nobody recognises her. Except…

As she walks back to her room and passes a maid in the corridor she is suddenly stopped by her.

– “Excuse me, Madame…I’m sorry to disturb you, but I love your book and it is so inspiring for me.”

– “Oh, thank you, …Anna…”- smiles Laura reading her name from her name tag. She is still not completely used to this kind of attention.

– “I would be so honoured if you could sign it for me, I can’t come to work tomorrow, but on Friday I will bring it with me. Would you do that?”

– “It would be my pleasure but unfortunately I leave tomorrow morning.”

– “What a pity, it would mean so much to me, this book is my bible. …Do you have plans for tonight? I expect you do, but just in case…I would be happy to invite you for my pesto speciality, I live nearby.

Laura really wants some privacy and no invitation, but she doesn’t have the heart to refuse this kind lady.

She has a lovely evening in a charming little village with Anna and her three beautiful daughters. Their small flat is stylishly decorated with handmade and cost-effective solutions. Anna prepares an awesome pesto, and her daughters play the guitar afterwards.

– “I wanted to be a fashion designer.”- says Anna while serving limoncello. – “But their father died in a car accident when they were all piccoli, so…my plans have changed.” She opens a scrapbook full of photos of dresses cut out from magazines. “I always saved money for a Gucci dress, but once I had the money, I could make better use of it.” – she smiled.

When packing for her retreat, Laura threw in a Gucci dress just in case there is an occasion where she needs it. And now she knows what the occasion is. A nice gift for a stylish woman.

Photo credit: Villa Lattanzi

The Villa and its review is real, the story is fiction written by Timea Kadar

Awesome photos here on Justcoolplaces Instagram.




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