Family reunion in Castel Fragsburg

Family reunion in Castel Fragsburg

After their magic encounter in Budapest and the reunion of the Fratelli brothers with their grandmother, they decided to take a break from the magic shows, and travel somewhere together. They had a lot to make up for. Gabriella, the grandma had long wanted to go to South Tyrol, Merano, where she first met her big love, Arthur. They had planned the future, but then the war broke out and they never met again. “We didn’t have telephone or internet those days, I don’t even know if he still lives.”

The twins had a fascinating show in Castel Fragsburg, and remembered it as a unique place to rewind. It used to be a hunting lodge at the time when Grandma was here, and indeed it has an intimate atmosphere which they all needed to find the path to each other. When converting the lodge to the hotel, they kept the the original style with antique furniture combined with an art deco touch creating a pleasantly airy and homey feeling. Grandma talks about her life in Hungary, and the brothers’ father as a little boy – just like they would sit in their living room.

The twins enjoy being in a hotel without having to work and enjoy finding out how their father lived as a little boy. The hotel is said to be the smallest five-star hotel in South Tyrol. Each of its 20 rooms has a unique and adorable design with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Grandma also enjoys the luxury she has never been part of. She even tries the Castellum Natura Spa, where they use the power of nature and herbs. “Grandma, you look 20 years younger.” – says Marvin after one of the treatments.

It is their last night and they¬†enjoy a perfect dinner on the 180-degree terrace. Marvin excuses himself for a moment and returns with a gentleman. “Grandma, based on your description we found Arthur, who happens to live nearby.” The two ‘youngsters’ can’t hide their tears as they embrace each other. “Magic happens even without the show.” – says Marvin with awe.

Photo Credit: Castel Fragsburg.

Story by Timea Kadar.

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