[Action plan] Turn your blog post to a compelling video in just minutes

[Action plan] Turn your blog post to a compelling video in just minutes

With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs and hailed by many experts as the future of content, you can not afford to skip it from your content flow.

Fortunately, a hotel and its surroundings provide enough topics anyway – we issue a separate action plan on that – but you might struggle with finding the time to shoot and edit a short film.

But here is a smart tool (Lumen5) which will help you to create a video clip of your existing blog posts in minutes. You can also use it for an image or branding video with a few clicks. See an example below:

In the below tutorial I walk you through the whole process, then come back and read the steps below the video, here in the post.

Using the steps described in the video you can add variety to your content calendar.


  1. Start creating a video of each of the blog posts, starting with the most popular ones.
  2. Upload the video to youtube.com, add a description, a link to your hotel and keywords
  3. Embed the video at the end of your existing blog posts and draw the attention of readers’ to this feature in the lead. Some of them might prefer the video content.
  4. Upload the video directly to your social media channels, with introducing the topic.


  1. If you have some routine with the Lumen5 application, you can transform a blog post to a nice video in 20-30 minutes. From the point of view of time management, it is advised to transform more posts, and then schedule them on social media.
  2. Upload/schedule – where applicable – on social media, youtube. – it is another 20-30 minutes

Transcript of the video

How to create videos with a few clicks, Lumen5

In this video I will show you how you can take a blog post like this

And turn it into a nice video like this, in less than half an hour.

It will make sure you have enough change of pace in your content flow, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on it.

To do this, register on Lumen5.com, it is completely free.

You will end up on this dashboard, where later you will see all the videos you have created and you can edit them any time.

To create a new video-slideshow, push the Create button.

Here you have two options:

Copy and paste the URL of the blog post you would like to transform

OR you can add your own words, which can be useful if you want to do a video for a campaign, or an image slideshow.

Now, let’s take a quick way and copy-paste the URL of this article.

It takes a few moments until the program copies all the text from the post, and here we go, you can see it on the left part of your screen – without the images.

You can easily click on the key sentences of the text which will be added in this section on the right-hand side.

Each copyline means one slide, so I recommend not to create more than 5-8 slides, as it otherwise it might be too long for the audience.

You can easily edit the test here. It has to be less than 140 characters, as otherwise, the program can not arrange it nicely on the slide.

You might have to edit some of the lines, as they are not anymore part of a fluent text body, but stand-alone headlines.

Once you feel to be ready, push the continue button. Don’t worry, you can edit it later.

As you can see the program already proposed some images which could be suitable for the text, but here you are free to change it, and in most cases, you have to.

Again, you have two options: 1. You can choose images from the program library, these are all royalty free images and videos.

This could be handy when you are looking for some theme photos, like a couple, family, or sunset. You just type in the keyword, and you can drag and drop the image or video of your choice.

But you will definitely need your own images as well, which you can upload here, I already uploaded the photos which belong to this blog post.

Once you are happy, push the Continue Button.

Time to add music to your vide. You can listen to the tracks pushing the on button. Find a track which fits your theme and brand, and smooth enough.

Once you are happy, click on the track and it will be added to your video.

The last step is to add some branding.

Upload here your logo.

And here you can select the highlight colour – choose a colour which is easy to read on the images, and preferably matches your brand colours.

Here you can change the highlighted text, or you can quit highlighting, and leave the text white.

Add the URL of your website, it will not be clickable but people will see it at the end of the video. Alternatively, you can add the Name of your firm.

Push the publish button and you are good to go, you can see a preview of your professional video.

If you are not completely happy, you can edit it here, or if you like it, download it. Now you have it on your computer, you can upload it to social media, youtube, or your website.


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