The fashion shooting – Dimitra Beach Hotel

The fashion shooting – Dimitra Beach Hotel

“Welcome to the Dimitra Beach Hotel, Mr and Mrs Walter.” – the young receptionist is so cheerful as if it was 2 pm and not 2 am! Their plane was painfully late and now the only thing they want is to see their bed. However tired, Gina can’t avoid noticing¬†the¬†reassuring whiteness of the whole area which makes it like a piece in heaven (even the keyholder boxes are white!).

They are escorted to their room, but it is too dark to see anything and they are too tired to care. After a shower in the spacious bathroom they quickly fall asleep in the huge white bed.

Gina wakes up quite early in the morning, they forgot the close the curtains and the whole room is so incredibly bright. She stares out of the window to be lost in the endless horizon. Jeff is still sleeping so she quickly slips into leggings and a t-shirt and takes a stroll around the hotel.

It is still very early and quite and Gina liked how the bright yellow colours make the different shades of blue more striking and how the traditional Greek palette is revived in a contemporary form. “Even white has shades!” – she thinks of it now as a painting. Gina can not stop comparing and contrasting how tremendously far it is now from their Canary Wharf office – not only geographically.

She stops by the red sunbeds under the shades where there is an outlandish crowd with cameras, a huge pile of clothes and a bunch of nervous people talking to their smartphones (how familiar!). Gina sits on one of the sunbeds and suddenly notices an incredibly fragile young woman posing in the middle of the strange crowd obeying to short instructions shouted at her by the man behind the camera.

She wears an amazing red dress and dark red lipstick – a perfect character with the perfect scene – dramatic. Gina regrets a bit being so careless about her own clothing, she could have put on some jeans at least. She tries to hide behind her sunglasses – even then nothing to compare to the flawless appearance of the model.

Klara had to get up very early to be ready for the start of the shooting. She is photoed for an evening dress collection in the upcoming issue of Marie Claire. Feels very awkward to be dressed like it was in the evening, but Klara is used to that, she has been a photo model since she was 14 and knows very well that everything has a price.

She loves the contrast her red Pageant dress makes to the bright whiteness of the stylish design hotel. She catches the somewhat envious glimpse of that woman sitting on the couch. She knows what Gina thinks. And even if Klara loves this dress and her work, at this moment she would rather lie on the couch with no make-up, uncombed hair and simple leggings.

She can not wait to unwind the next day in the spa of the sister hotel Michaelangelo.

Klara is invited by the hotel to the newly built open-air massage pavilion. Before stepping into the tent, a young lady with a strict face suspiciously looks at her which is really disturbing as she would like to enjoy some intimacy.

Gertrud Miller arrived with a Swiss family to babysit their kids but she is keen on benefitting from all the free time she can get to explore the hotel for herself. She is happy to see again the photo model who was clearly the star of the day during the shooting. “From this close, she seems to be a bit older.” ¬†Gertrud is happy to find something negative in her.

“Excuse me! I saw the photo shooting and you looked amazing.” she is too nice to be true. “Thank you, you are very kind.” – smiles Klara. – “I am sorry but my massage session is just starting.” She is happy to escape to an hour of total relaxation and is completely refreshed afterwards.

Gina is joined by Jeff and they explore the whole hotel. It has two wonderful pools, one for kids which Gina can still not pass by without having tears in her eyes. They have been through so much pain and sadness with Jeff without being able to become parents.

They quickly walk to the pool for adults where the happy music puts them in a cheerful mood. The hotel also has an immaculate own beach where they can float in the sea.

Dimitra Beach Hotel has a wonderfully laid back atmosphere, but Klara always takes some time exploring the neighbourhood wherever the work takes her. it is only 15 minutes by bus to Agios Fokas, a lively little village, where people stare at her beauty. Some tourists even stop by the ask to be photoed with her, which she politely does. She would be happy to explore Kos, and even to sail to Bodrum, but the next day she is on her way to her next work.

Photo credit: Dimitra Beach Hotel

Story written by Timea Kadar

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