Secluded in Grand Hotel Resort Lagonissi

Secluded in Grand Hotel Resort Lagonissi

This is their second station on the sabbatical journey, a 5-star hotel located on a 72-acre private peninsula on the Athenian Riviera. They spent amazing and relaxing days in Kos. When their psychologist recommended them to take a few month off and travel, Gina hoped that by this time they would be closer to each other with Jeff. Lagonissi, where thy arrived a day before, is another heaven-like place on Earth. It has a breathtaking panorama of the Saronic Gulf and the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea – secluded, but still close to the culture and treasures of Athen.

They stay in a lavish villa with a private terrace, pool and access to the beach. The interior is so stylish as if cut out from an interior design magazine. Gina booked this so that nothing can direct their attention from each other with Jeff but it seems that he is obsessed with his laptop. “I have to stay, updated, honey, I can not loose 6 months just because we are travelling.” – murmurs Jeff while staring at some spreadsheets on the screen.

So Gina explores the hotel alone – as usual. Unbelievable but it has 7 restaurants, you can dine under the Moon by the shores, or by the bay, eat by the pool, or have sushi in front of a big aquarium in the Asian┬árestaurant. “We might end up with room service anyway.” – thinks Gina, however in this hotel room service is also perfect.

Gina loves the spa with treatment rooms having the colour of lavender, and books some treatments. If she has to spend her time alone, she should enjoy it. They have a holistic approach, so Gina hopes she will feel better – spiritually too.

The estate is like a small luxury village: there are stylish villas, bungalows, penthouse apartments, all enjoying their own privacy.

Gina walks to one of the 17 private beaches to enjoy the sun. As she settles in the sunbed, a little girl with curly blond hair runs to her. “Do you want to play with me?” – she asks with her cute voice. “Amanda, come here, don’t disturb the lady.” – her mother takes the girl’s hand. – “I am sorry about that.” No, problem.” – Gina takes on her big sunglasses and hides her unstoppable tears. “No problem, no problem.” – she repeats to herself, without any result.

Venue and photos by Grand Hotel Resort Lagonissi.

Words by Timea Kadar

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